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A La Carte Services

Dust Off Your Resume 

Why You Need It:

Most people don’t really understand the unique value they bring to potential employers. Even if they do there is something about the resume format that stifles their creativity. Unfortunately, this shows up on your resume. Tooting your own horn is just not natural for most people. Before any job search a professional review of your resume can set you apart and increase your earning potential.


What You Get:

  • 30-minute session to understand your career goals

  • Recommendations to enhance your resume

  • Detailed notes within your resume via track changes

  • 15-minute follow-up to walk through comments and recommendations for clarity



Prime Time Resume & LinkedIn Profile 

Why You Need It:

Your resume and LinkedIn must be consistent in the marketing of your gifts. You don’t want minor inconsistencies picked up by a recruiter. Unlike your resume, your LinkedIn has the ability to reach literally millions of people. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent, even if you are not looking just yet. LinkedIn takes the promotion of your skills and talents of you to the next level. Make sure you are leveraging it to its fullest potential.

What You Get:

  • 45 minute session to understand your career goals

  • Recommendations to enhance your resume & LinkedIn Profile

  • Detailed notes within the resume via track changes

  • 20 minute follow up to walk through comments and recommendations for clarity


Get Your Money! Salary Negotiation 

Why You Need It:

Go for the money! Does this statement bring up conflicted feelings? Two things get in the way of earning more money: fear and self-worth. Failure to effectively negotiate your salary when being hired leaves so much money on the table. This can result in over a million dollar shortfall during your career. With some realizations and understanding of your gifts, you can figure out your market value and ask for it with confidence.

What You Get:

  • 45-minute session to review your worth to your next employer

  • Money assessment based on your resume (skills, experience, abilities, etc.)

  • How to ask for what you are worth 





Authentically You Interview Bootcamp 

Why You Need It:

Interviewing is the most unnatural human interaction, ever! You are placed in a room with a stranger (or strangers), and it’s light, camera, action….now convince them why they should hire you over everyone else. You are being scrutinized from your head to your toe, literally. No wonder even the most confident get nervous, anxious and sometimes blow it. 


Also, did you know employers are constantly “pricing you” throughout the interview process? The interview earns your negotiating chips for a higher asking salary. Of course the primary goal is to get the job, winning over the competition. Even if you believe you interview well, can you make the connection to get the job and salary you deserve? 


What You Get:

  • In-depth 120-minute interview boot camp session

  • Resume/Job description mapping

  • Support for connecting with your interviewer

  • Tips on how to write a compelling thank you letter




Total Resume Make-Over Package 


Why You Need It:

Your resume is the representation of the culmination of everything you are professionally as it relates to your next employer. It should tell a story that jumps off the page. Different career paths require unique professional personalities.  Words are magic and can inspire a recruiter to action. Are your personality, skills, experience and unique professional proposition connecting with your audience of recruiters? Are you telling your story so they will listen? To grab their attention? To make them interested?


What You Get:

  • Sessions totaling up to 4 hours for resume and experience discussions

  • Discovery conversations to understand your professional value

  • Resume written for you, based on information you provide

  • 2 cycles of reviews of your completed resume for edits and updates

  • Professional resume template used for best presentation; MS Word and PDF provided

  • Tips for writing a cover letter that stand out

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