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Coaching Packages

A La Carte Services


A La Carte Services allow you to choose one or more service based on what you need most. We have provided stand- alone options for some of the most in demand services in landing your next job.



You have a handle on certain parts of the job search but still need help. You get to focus on just those things you need! 

Full Service Packages

Full Service Customizable packages walk you through all aspects of your job transition customized to your needs. 



You are looking for a partner to be there for you to answer the questions you didn't know needed to be asked. These packages are the most flexible. You get to choose where and how to spend your time, and get a supportive coach in your process!

Live Virtual Group Workshop Series

This live Virtual Group Workshop Series is conducted over a four-week period and covers all the steps to make your job change. This series provides support for you to execute all the steps needed. Guidance is provided for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing, salary negotiation, cover letters, thank you letters... the list goes on!  



These workshops are live! You get real-time access in a virtual group setting. Fasten your seat belts during this fast paced course; you will get support for the entire job change process in just four weeks. This is a great option if you want a fast track to prepare you to get out there with all the tools you will need. 


***Add your name to our list if you are interested in participating in a workshop, as they fill up fast! You will be notified of upcoming workshop dates. Just put “Workshop” in the “How can we help?” field.***

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